All the medical info on Two types of hemorrhoids


Types of hemorrhoids: The Hemorrhoids are dilated veins that form in the anus or rectum. It is common that the veins of the anal region swell slightly at the moment of defecation. However, unlike good threads, the hemorrhoids remain permanently dilated.

All the medical info on Two types of hemorrhoids
All the medical info on Two types of hemorrhoids

About 1 in 2 adults over the age of 50 has hemorrhoids. Constipation, pregnancy and loss of tissue tone with age are the main causes. In pregnant women, symptoms of hemorrhoids usually disappear after childbirth.

The symptoms are occasional and undoubtedly recognizable: itching near the anus, discomfort in sitting position and bleeding when going to the saddle. Usually, a hemorrhoid crisis lasts a few days, then the symptoms subside.

Most people who suffer from hemorrhoids manage to relieve their symptoms with many home care and, if necessary, over-the- counter medications. Hemorrhoids, however, can cause persistent pain or almost permanent discomfort. In such cases, medical treatment may be considered.

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Types of Hemorrhoids
There are two types of hemorrhoids:

All the medical info on Two types of hemorrhoids
All the medical info on Two types of hemorrhoids
  • The external hemorrhoids appear under the skin at the orifice of the anus. They can cause swelling in the area. They are more sensitive than internal hemorrhoids because there are more sensory nerve fibers in this region. Also, the risk of a blood clot forming in a dilated vein is greater than for internal hemorrhoids.
  • The internal hemorrhoids develop in the anus or lower rectum. They form a small protuberance. They are classified according to their stage of evolution. They tend to progress from one level to the next if nothing is done to curb their growth.

First degree. Hemorrhoid remains inside the anus.

  • Second degree. Hemorrhoid emerges from the anus at the time of defecation and returns to normal position when stopping the strain.
  • Third level. Hemorrhoid should be replaced gently with the fingers after defecation.
  • Fourth degree. Hemorrhoid can not be replaced inside the anus.

Hemorrhoids can manifest themselves differently.

Hemorrhoids are commonly and consistently present in any individual from birth. On predisposing terrain and under the influence of triggering factors, they can bleed or increase in volume and exit the anus.

Men and women are equally at risk of suffering from hemorrhoids. Perhaps women are less likely to complain and may be less liable to be operated on, which would give the impression of greater male frequency.

It is especially in their thirties that the hemorrhoids will begin to manifest. The young subject will suffer mostly from external thrombosis, whereas the elderly patient will suffer from prolapse (descent of hemorrhoidal packages), due to the relaxation of tissue. The disease is rare but possible in children and its frequency decreases after 60 years.

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When discomfort or mild pain turns into intense pain, it is usually a sign that a blood clot has formed in hemorrhoid. It is a painful but dangerous hemorrhoidal thrombosis. Symptoms usually disappear within 1 or 2 weeks, with analgesics and emollient laxatives, which soften the stool. After the resorption of the clot, a small swelling can develop in the anus, called marque (only in case of external hemorrhoids).

In rare occasions, an ulcer a time ( a simultaneously wound that tends to spread) may appear. It can also happen that a large blood loss causes anemia.

All the medical info on Two types of hemorrhoids

We distinguish two types of hemorrhoids according to their location.In this case, care must be particularly close.

All the medical info on Two types of hemorrhoids
All the medical info on Two types of hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids

These are the veins located at the level of the lower part of the rectum . In case of internal hemorrhoidal disease , the veins form a protuberance but are not visible from the outside.

External hemorrhoids

They are located at the level of the anal orifice. When these external hemorrhoidal veins dilate, they appear as a bluish swelling visible beneath the skin. The external hemorrhoidal disease are more painful because the anal region is blessed with many nerve fibers.

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