8 ways to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy


Hemorrhoids during pregnancy is a major problem for pregnant women because 10% of pregnant women suffer. In most cases, hemorrhoids appear during the third trimester of pregnancy.

However, some women may also develop during the earlier stages of pregnancy. Regardless of the stage, these women tend to develop hemorrhoids accompanied by bleeding; which causes pain and discomfort.

hemorrhoids during pregnancy
hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Why are pregnant women more exposed to hemorrhoids than others?

It is simple; hemorrhoids result from inflammation of hemorrhoidal veins because of the pressure exerted on it. The pregnant woman, physiologically, carries additional pressure because of the growing fetus in her uterus. The baby’s weight which is increasing becoming heavier in the third trimester of pregnancy. It is for this reason that the third quarter is more delicate.

However, the baby’s weight is not the only cause. Indeed, the hemorrhoidal tissue is very sensitive to hormonal changes and very well known, the female body undergoes a total hormonal upheaval during pregnancy. Furthermore, the circulating blood volume increases during this period to support the baby, which causes an increase in blood volume in the hemorrhoidal veins and therefore their expansion.

That said, as mentioned above, only 10% of pregnant women experience these disorders. Even if the woman has never had hemorrhoid episodes before pregnancy, you can not say that this is the primary cause. Indeed, we must conduct an investigation into his family history because the genetic predisposition is the leading cause of hemorrhoids.

Moreover, it is often noticed when a person has hemorrhoidal disorders. Usually, we find others in his family who also suffer. This added to the physiological condition of the pregnant woman; the result is not surprising. It is important to take care of yourself to get rid of hemorrhoids. Besides being unpleasant, they infect. Here are eight ways to help eliminate hemorrhoids.

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1. Maintain intestinal transit

Delay the time to use the bathroom can create unnecessary complications. Refrain contributes to constipation and increased pressure in the intestine. So be sure to go to the bathroom when you feel the need.

Furthermore, one must be careful not to force when one is sitting the toilet. This in effect creates undue pressure in the intestines, which causes pressure on the hemorrhoidal tissue. Diet must also enrich fiber to facilitate transit and soften the stool.

Another advice and not least is to put a small stool under the legs at the time of defecation to maintain colon-anus alignment. Thus, the pressure to be exerted to evacuate the stool decreases as they go down more smoothly under the effect of gravity. Gravity which created pressure on the anus by attracting the body weight down can become the best ally at the time of stool.

2. Delegating

Lifting heavy objects can cause pressure in the rectum. If you are pregnant, you already exert increased pressure because of the growing fetus. Lifting heavy weights will just help to increase the pressure. It is, therefore, preferable to delegate daily tasks: Ask your partner to wear shopping, children, and laundry.

One more thing, it is not because it is a handbag and it is small it has no weight. Indeed, the purse can be a real burden. It would lighten up and not wear a too large. Also, if you work in an office, the files are not light when you wear more.

Make several round trips to bring each time a small amount is better than to wear it all at once. The paper might be light, but large numbers can become quite thick. Not only it is not okay for hemorrhoids, but it is not healthy for your back which already supports an additional charge what your baby or for the latter to which your fatigue has a direct effect.

3. The importance of exercise

Exercise is excellent for the body. Do not do too much, however. It is better to consult your doctor before embarking on a sports program.

However, the sports accelerates blood circulation, thereby causing the nutrients from the affected hemorrhoidal area. It promotes healing of damaged tissue.

Note that Kegal exercises help strengthen the muscles around the pelvic area. These activities reinforce particularly the anorectal area muscles, urethra, and vagina.

However, all physicians and gynecologists recommend a little walk at average speed low of 20 to 30 minutes a day to facilitate the work during childbirth by strengthening pelvic muscles. Therefore, it helps the anus to withstand the pressure and strengthens.

However, keep in mind that walking is done on the flat ground and not the stairs. The goal is not to work his calves but to strengthen her pelvic muscles. The descent and climbing stairs increase the pressure at the anus and promote the formation and complication of hemorrhoids.

It is best to avoid. Ditto for the household, movements such as bending too often tough. Just ask someone else to do it if we can not make use of home services.

4. Avoid being too much time standing or sitting

When you are sitting or standing for an extended period, the anorectal area and lower extremities are under more pressure. Try to walk every day. A 20-30 minute walk is ideal. Remember that this is not a race but to enjoy a leisurely pace.

Also, avoid the extremes of the shoe. The heels have become an ordeal for pregnant women, so his physiological condition protects the desire to wear. By cons, she mistakenly thinks that flat shoes such as ballet flats or flip flops are the best alternative.

Soften yourself. These do more harm than good. Priority should be given little heels 3 cm. These offer a comfortable posture and disperse the weight of a more balanced way to avoid extra pressure on the anus.

Finally, choose the half-sitting position with a small pillow under the right buttock or lying on the side. These two posts relieve pressure anus exerted by the body as well as the back.

5. Apply ice to the affected area

Applying ice will generate a moderate relief. Attention Never applies ice directly to hemorrhoids. It is better to wrap ice in a towel. The latter may then be placed on the hemorrhoids for at least 20 minutes.

Stop immediately if you feel discomfort or pain. The principle of the ice is simple, it blocks the cold nerve pain receptors which decreases the latter and as you do not mind, we can use it as we want it or could.

6. Take healthy eating habits

Research shows that pregnant women need 300 extra calories per day. Try adding healthy choices to your menus.

Think of fruits such as apples or bananas that help reduce inflammation of hemorrhoids. Another preferred choice is to eat in the morning a bran muffin, source of fiber. These are an excellent way to increase the calories while regulating the digestive tract.

We must enrich its supply of vegetable fiber and this even outside of pregnancy. Although most women avoid, it is never too cautious to repeat the need to prevent alcohol, spices, and coffee. Instead, opt for dairy products that facilitate transit. A good yogurt at snack with an apple will do much good.

7. The importance of the baths

Soak in a bath can be very relaxing. This helps to ease painful hemorrhoids. You can take a regular bath or prefer the shower seat. Take a sitz bath is very simple. You can either dive into a tub to hip level or obtain a first bath seat that will be placed on the toilet seat.

The sitz bath is also useful to soothe the perineal area after giving birth, especially if there was tissue tearing or breaking during childbirth.

8. Drinking enough water

One of the best ways to avoid constipation is to drink plenty of water. This will also allow your body to eliminate toxic waste.

Besides, it is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day. That said, this amount is huge. However, do not worry. You do not have to quantify the water you drink unless you do not have the habit of drinking plenty of fluids. Indeed, the water is not only that in bottles of mineral water or tap water.

It is also present in juices, herbal teas, drinks, juicy fruit … It would be wiser to say that we must drink plenty of fluids to drink only water. Moreover, besides, you can never be over-hydrated. The body, this incredible machine removes excess alone. It just must listen and avoids remembering.

Please note: Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Finally, the most important tip to remember is to CONSULT. This problem affects not only the pregnant woman but also her baby undergoes his discomfort and illness.

During pregnancy, the woman is much more fragile. It is better to go to seek advice from his doctor, and especially inform her gynecologist for it to deal with the problem in the background with medications appropriate to their physiological state.

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