5 Tips For Treating Hemorrhoidal Thrombosis


5 Tips For Treating Hemorrhoidal Thrombosis: If you are looking for treatment for hemorrhoidal thrombosis, you are in the right place. In addition to giving you all the information needed to cure these disorders, you will find several tips to help you avoid many headaches when healing these hemorrhoids!

5 Tips For Treating Hemorrhoidal Thrombosis
5 Tips For Treating Hemorrhoidal Thrombosis

First, avoid making mistakes

First of all, you must start by recognizing hemorrhoidal thrombosis.

Hemorrhoidal thrombosis is an acute attack of the hemorrhoidal disease. To recognize it, nothing is simpler: you must examine your anal margin. If you have a thrombosis, you will find a blue tumefaction, or even slightly translucent because of the edema it contains and which allows seeing bluish areas inside.

Hemorrhoidal thrombosis can be either localized and limited to a part of your anus or squarely circular encompassing the entire anus.

There are two types of hemorrhoidal thrombosis (exactly like the hemorrhoids themselves):

  • External thrombosis. As you can imagine, this is a thrombosis that sits directly under the skin of the anus (which would be the evolution of external hemorrhoid)
  • Internal thrombosis. Again, this is an evolution of internal hemorrhoid. Most often, it is internal hemorrhoids that are discharged to the surface causing external thrombosis. In rare cases, internal hemorrhoids will not come out, and thrombosis will remain inside the anal canal, in which case it can only be discovered with examination and anal touch.

In all cases, the person suffering from this type of problems will often feel the presence of a protuberance in the anal region, as well as a sharp pain that appears suddenly.

This thrombosis will form through two different mechanisms: either it is a blood vessel that breaks, creating a hematoma, or it is an intravascular clot that occurs.

This can cause disorders of intestinal movements. Unlike other benign hemorrhoids, the immediate treatment of hemorrhoidal thrombosis is fundamental.

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Treat and relieve hemorrhoidal thrombosis

Natural remedies are there either to prevent or to entirely cure thrombosis hemorrhoids. It is practically the same medications used to prevent and relieve hemorrhoids (because remember, hemorrhoidal thromboses are an evolution of hemorrhoids themselves). Before starting a surgical procedure, try the other available solutions. Here are some tips to relieve pain:

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Tip # 1: Witch Hazel

This is one of the most conventional treatments, this one reduces the size of hemorrhoid and provides temporary relief from pain.

Witch hazel is a plant commonly used in phytotherapy, especially for hemorrhoids and hemorrhoidal thrombosis. To use it, just dip ten grams of the plant (leaves, young twigs, and pieces of bark) in a quarter of a liter in cold water, then bring to a boil for about half an hour. Once the concoction is ready, you should let it cool and then apply it to the affected skin, either directly with your fingers, or use cotton or a compress. It has astringent, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects, which will help you to relieve thrombosis quickly.

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Tip # 2: The seat bath

In addition to the use of witch hazel, it is recommended to make bathrooms of the seat. These, in addition to improving the overall hygiene of the anal area, reduce inflammation and pain.

Once the seat bath is finished, you will need to apply ice to the affected area. This warm – cold combination will reduce the blood pressure in hemorrhoid and the long term reduce it.

Tip 3: Food Changes

There, we speak mainly of preventive treatment.

Indeed, the causes of hemorrhoidal thrombosis are mostly overweight and constipation.

Proper diet is, therefore, an excellent method to treat the causes of hemorrhoidal thrombosis. Good advice to follow is to add fiber to your diet and increase the number of fluids you consume. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole-food to fill up with fiber and drink plenty of water and juice (ideally at least two liters of water a day, not to mention fresh juices).

This will decrease the voltage present when going to do your needs. This type of dietary changes will also reduce the probability of recurrence of hemorrhoids. If this advice does not bear fruit, then it would be necessary to add the daily intake of products that soften the stools, in other words, laxatives, but especially do not abuse.

Tip # 4: Adopt healthy habits every day to avoid surgery

Avoiding going to the doctor for hemorrhoidal thrombosis is first and foremost a defensive attitude to their appearance.

So, do not forget to follow the basic nutritional rules already mentioned, namely much fiber, lots of water, little fat, a little spice, moderation in coffee consumption and Of alcohol.

It is then necessary to develop certain long-term habits which will reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids and consequently thromboses. In particular, you must do sports, avoid standing for extended periods of time, avoid irritating your anal area (either with too rough toilet paper or with many chemicals), minimize the time you spend in the bathroom, Good position when you go.

It would also be very beneficial to take herbal teas that help intestinal transit.

Now, if thrombosis occurs, remember that many in-house treatments are discouraged from treating them. Avoid, for example, protecting hemorrhoid with an elastic band or “bursting” it. Indeed, a hemorrhoidal thrombosis is not a small acne pimple that you are going to have fun to burst (something you are advised not to do for your pimples) because by adopting this attitude you can increase the risks Bleeding and infection, the consequences of which can be severe. If you have any doubts about the approach you should take, consult your doctor.

The best option for treating this type of hemorrhoids remains changing your lifestyle and eating habits, to avoid the reappearance of hemorrhoids.

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Tip # 5: Surgical Options

In some cases, in-house treatments will not be sufficient. You will then have to call a specialist. It is best to consult your doctor who, knowing your clinical history, will be able to provide you with a complete list of treatments that can help you. If you want to avoid taking traditional medicines, your doctor will be able to offer you herbal medications that will have fewer side effects and will help you.

Generally, with natural remedies or medications, thrombosis will subside, and you will regain good health. Nevertheless, in some cases, surgery remains the only option if the crisis is severe. Procedures such as sclerotherapy, hemorrhoidectomy or ligation are some possible suggestions. In general, this type of intervention will involve having to stay in the hospital and conduct several follow-up visits before a complete cure is achieved.