5 Tips to Cure Hemorrhoids Through Sport


5 Tips to Cure Hemorrhoids Through Sport
There are several ways to get rid of hemorrhoids, most of which are a source of debate; In particular about the practice of sport. Although most people believe that sport is always good for the body, the truth is that when one suffers from hemorrhoids, it is a bit more complicated. Some exercises will be advised while others may exacerbate the situation.

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5 Tips to Cure Hemorrhoids Through Sport
5 Tips to Cure Hemorrhoids Through Sport

Here are some tips to find out what exercises help to treat hemorrhoids, and which ones are bad.

Tip 1: If you have trouble, stop immediately

In addition to helping you lose weight, some exercises can also increase the pressure on your body. For patients who suffer from hemorrhoids, all activities that put the body under high pressure, especially in the anal area, are strongly discouraged. Cycling, bodybuilding or any other exercise that generates high pressure can cause damage to the anal area.

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Tip 2: Walking

Walking helps relax the muscles around the anal region. This results in a decrease in pressure. It is recommended to walk between 20 and 30 minutes per day. This increases the blood pressure and therefore the blood flow around the damaged area, the blood will bring the necessary nutrients. This process will allow an accelerated healing of the damaged tissues. It is not a race but to enjoy the walk. If you feel something is going wrong, slow down or stop.

Tip 3: Water aerobics

Aquagym is highly recommended. It allows increasing the blood pressure without forcing or creating excessive pressure. It promotes healing. This type of exercise is advisable for people with back problems, legs or both. However, be careful if your hemorrhoids are exposed and have turned into lesions. The chlorine in the water could irritate these lesions.

Tip 4: Yoga

Some forms of exercise such as stretching or yoga can increase your muscle mass. These are especially useful in soothe hemorrhoids as they strengthen the muscles that lie in the most sensitive areas of the body. This type of exercises may not work to treat hemorrhoids that have already developed but to prevent their reoccurrence. The practice of stretching and yoga also requires common sense; it will, of course, be necessary to avoid the stretches which increase the sensation of discomfort in the rectum or the anus.

Tip 5: Kegel exercises

In addition to promoting the elimination of hemorrhoids, these exercises increase sexual confidence and improve the ability to achieve orgasm. They also help to solve problems of urinary incontinence – the involuntary loss of urine. They are also referred to as pelvic floor exercises. This area extends from the pubic bone in the front of the body to the coccyx. It is advisable to squeeze the muscles around the anus and the “flesh of the urine” (vagina in women). This exercise does not involve any movement of the abdominal muscles or buttocks. Healthy women who do not suffer from pelvic floor impairment symptoms can perform this exercise three times a week, with 5 seconds of tension and 10 seconds of rest. It will be necessary to repeat the exercise 10 times, Three times a day, for a total of 30 movements of tension. As you practice, you can increase the duration of the moments of tension and decrease the rest time. For example, instead of 5 seconds of pressure and 10 seconds of rest, you can alternate 10 seconds of exercise and 3 seconds of rest.

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Remember not to force yourself and do things at your pace. It is always best to see a doctor before starting an exercise program.

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