10 Tips To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids


10 Tips To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids
The Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal and rectal area. This is a common disorder caused by excessive pressure on the rectum. Extreme pressure generates an increase of blood in the veins, which stretches the veins and promotes their rupture. Another symptom is the presence of blood in the stool. The good news is that it is possible to get rid of hemorrhoids by following these simple tips:

10 Tips To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids
10 Tips To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids

Tip 1: Take soothing baths

You can take a warm bath for 15 to 20 minutes. This will relieve the pain, itching and burning sensation. You can do it three times a day or after going to the toilet. That said, the hot bath does not mean bubble bath. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid the perfumed chemicals because the membrane around the anus is already weakened by the increase of the volume inside. The so-called membrane is more permeable. With all these things that are far from natural, you risk doing more harm than good. So a hot bath yes, but with water only.

Tip 2: Making seat baths

You can also take a seated shower. It will be necessary to take care to dry the anus with a soft towel after each bath. What is the difference between a seated bath and a traditional bath? Any. For the bath of the seat, one can just fill the bath so that the water arrives until the anus only and thus avoid to get wet fully. Some medicinal plants can be added, but the whole thing remains natural.

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Tip 3: Vaseline!

Vaseline is not only made to soften the feet or hands. It can be of great help in this particular case. You can apply Vaseline before going to the toilet; this will reduce the pressure on the muscles of the rectum by facilitating the exit of the stool. It acts as a lubricant, and it becomes very pleasant to defecation.

Tip 4: Natural creams and oils

It is also possible to apply on the anus creams that reduce pain and itching like anesthetic creams under conditions of having a medical prescription. Natural oils of coconut, brown or Aloe Vera also reduce the inflammation. Moreover, these oils are natural, and if they do not do well, they are not likely to harm. Just look for the right references and get them from the good reliable merchants.

Tip 5: Ice!

Placing ice on the painful area will decrease swelling and pain. It is well known. When you fall, and the area begins to swell and blush, you start to put ice on it. However, one must be extremely careful not to hurt one another. Wrap the ice with a clean cloth or even a sterile compress to avoid infection. Even if it is water in the state of ice, it can hurt if you put it on the skin. This is called frostbite. It looks like burns with the same sensation, but it is much more painful.

Tip 6: Avoid tight clothing

It is important to avoid tight clothing, both underwear, and clothing itself. Men should thus exchange their underpants for boxers. Women should avoid tight jeans. You should also avoid synthetic underwear and prefer cotton. A garment is to outlaw its wardrobe when one suffers from hemorrhoids or any proctological problem; it is the string.

Already it is a garment that is usually made from synthetic materials but also, the little string exerts more pressure than other types of her clothes, and that can even do friction damage. In general, tight clothing hinders blood circulation and increases the pressure in the veins. These two phenomena increase the chances of developing hemorrhoids.

Tip 7: The more we hold back, the worse we are …

Remember this sentence: “If you have to go, do not say no.” So go to the bathroom as soon as you feel the need. If you hold back, you will generate unnecessary pressure on the digestive system. This will also cause pressure on the rectal and anal area.

In fact, you have to understand the process of defecation to see why there is a risk of exerting extra pressure when you hold back. Indeed, the defecation mechanism is directed by two reflexes, the recto-rectal reflex that is involuntary and the anal recto reflex that can be inhibited by the will. The first reflex is triggered by a pressure of 50 cm3 which constitutes the threshold volume of need.

This is where you feel the need to go to the toilet, but it remains very bearable. From 300 to 350 cm3 this size becomes intolerable. This is called the maximum tolerable volume. According to the laws of physics, the more the volume increases, the greater the pressure. In the case of hemorrhoids, not only must the pressure be prevented from becoming intolerable, but it is necessary to relieve oneself as soon as one feels the need because, as said and repeated, it can be harmful.

In short, restraining oneself is far from ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of his external hemorrhoids.

Tip 8: “Make the horse drink …”

This old saying reminds us that water is excellent for the digestive system. The stools pass more quickly when the digestive system is properly hydrated. You have understood, you must drink water and much! Use the virtues of chestnuts. This is a herbal remedy that helps a number of people suffering from hemorrhoids.

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Tip 9: Build on the right foods!

Consume foods high in fiber such as spinach, green leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits such as bananas, pineapples, and grapefruits. Whole cereals are also high in fiber. Fibers reduce inflammation and bleeding. They also make it possible to soften the stools and facilitate the transit. These will be evacuated more easily, without pressure. Also, avoid eating meat and include foods high in vitamin C in your diet.

Many professionals also insist on the need to reduce spices, especially pepper in the food. In fact, when one knows that these spices are poorly digested and that finally they are evacuated almost entirely with stools one understands why. Already the area is very painful, if you add spices, it will not only hurt, but it will start to sting and burn. The products can be excellent without spices. They keep all their flavor. Just try.

Tip 10: Doing Business

One of the biggest problems of hemorrhoids is that it hurts so much that you need to stay inactive to alleviate this sensation. Some doctors even ask their patients to decrease their physical activities to reduce the pressure on the anus. However, we are entering a vicious circle.

Lack of activity leads to physical inactivity and therefore to weight gain. When it is known that weight gain increases the pressure on the anus, it is understood that this increases the risk. Moreover, the more weight you gain, the more crises come closer and the more you need rest. A vicious circle!

To avoid this, just choose the right type of exercise and train out of the hemorrhoid crises that usually last 5 to 10 days. Also, exercise can be beneficial to facilitate transit and thus avoid constipation which is the primary cause of hemorrhoidal attacks.

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The above tips combine both home and natural treatments. They are however effective only in the early stages of hemorrhoids. It will, therefore, be necessary to use more aggressive and effective treatments in the long term; you will find them in the Complete Guide Against Hemorrhoids. Do not put it off tomorrow and stop your pain today.

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