10 myths about hemorrhoids


10 myths about hemorrhoids: The reluctance to speak openly about hemorrhoids has led to an increase in the myths about their treatment. If you want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids, then you need to differentiate between facts and myths.

10 myths about hemorrhoids
10 myths about hemorrhoids

Myth 1: Surgery is the only effective treatment

This is not true. It is true that certain advanced internal hemorrhoids require surgery. This surgery can be painful and may require 2 to 4 weeks of recovery. Surgery is considered the last resort. Note that some procedures allow for faster recovery and can be performed in day hospitals. There are also many natural remedies that eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids in the long term.

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Myth 2: It is impossible to get rid of hemorrhoids for good

Proper treatment of hemorrhoids can lead to permanent healing. Unfortunately, some accept their problem as something permanent that can not be solved. Hemorrhoids are not permanent. Even after ineffective operations and recurrent drug intake, it is never too late to learn how to get rid of the hemorrhoids once and for all. Controlling seizures involves changes in food, lifestyle, and stress. Treating the causes is almost as important, if not more, than treating the symptoms.

Myth 3: Hemorrhoids Cause Colon Cancer

Hemorrhoids do not cause cancer. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum and anus. Cancer, on the other hand, is characterized by cells that keep growing. The confusion exists because both disorders show similar symptoms. Both diseases cause rectal bleeding, constipation and the feeling of still having to go to the toilet after an intestinal movement.

Note that constipation is considered a cause of hemorrhoids while cancer is a cause of constipation. Given the similarity of symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor; this is the only one indicated to provide a diagnosis.

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Myth 4: Hemorrhoids form in the anus

Hemorrhoids can be both internal and external. Hemorrhoids that form inside the rectum are called internal hemorrhoids while those that form on the outside, at the anus are called external hemorrhoids. The latter are more quickly noticed. In extreme cases, internal hemorrhoids can come out (prolapse) outside the anus. It is, therefore, important to seek treatment if you have symptoms of hemorrhoids even if you can not see them.

Myth 5: Spicy food causes external hemorrhoids

There is a part of truth in this myth. Spicy food can cause diarrhea which in turn triggers tension in the rectum. Making an effort can cause hemorrhoids. If you have hemorrhoids, it is better to avoid spicy food; it could irritate them. However, in general, there is no great causal link between the two.

Myth 6: Bleeding hemorrhoids are contagious

It is impossible to catch or transmit hemorrhoids by going to the bathroom or during sex. Remember that hemorrhoids are only swollen veins in the rectum, anus or both. They are not caused by a virus or a bacterial infection. Caution, hemorrhoids can get irritated and lead to an infection if not treated.

Myth 7: Hemorrhoids Are Hereditary

There is no evidence to suggest that hemorrhoids are caused by hereditary or genetic defects. Research has shown that members of the same family who share a similar lifestyle: poor diet, little exercise and much stress can present the same disorders. It is a question of changing one’s lifestyle.

Myth 8: Hot cars and baths cause hemorrhoids

A heated seat does not cause hemorrhoids. Many people use hot baths to ease the pain. You can buy specially manufactured heat packs. Note that the area prone to hemorrhoids can be sensitive to extreme temperatures.

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Myth 9: Hemorrhoids affect only men

Totally false. Hemorrhoids usually affect people over 45 years of age as both males and females. Children may also suffer.

Myth 10: Hemorrhoids Affect Only Women

This myth is probably because hemorrhoids frequently affect expectant mothers. Increased pelvic pressure, constipation, efforts at delivery and episiotomies can promote the development of hemorrhoids. It is better to be proactive to diagnose the symptoms with the help of a doctor so plan the recovery of a healthy body.

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